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The Plan

THE OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT “Urgent Nature Conservation in the Tolfetano-Cerite-Manziate Special Protected Area and its constituent Sites of Community Importance.”

The overall and primary objective of the project is to ensure the conservation of birds listed in the Birds Directive as being threatened with extinction, and to ensure the conservation of other species of fauna and flora and their habitats listed in the Habitats directive.   The project also aims to take some specific actions to facilitate the harmony between human activities and natural conservation and to improve the level of awareness and understanding of residents for the importance for biodiversity and for the environmental heritage of the area – both from the natural point of view recognised at a European level but also so that when the precious economic resource of the local territory is developed for the community, the use and fruition of that territory are performed in a sustainable manner.

Coordinated by the Comune di Manziana, the project is almost 50% financed by the European Commission, with the remaining funds from the Region of Lazio, the “Università Agrarie” Agricultural cooperatives of Tolfa Manziana and Allumiere, and by the Borough Councils of Manziana, Tolfa, Canale Monterano and Allumiere.

Specifically, the plan is to realise a series of urgent interventions  for the care of the Tolfetano-Cerite-Manziate Special Protected Area and the two Sites of Community Importance:  the “Manziana Maquis  or Macchia” and the “Devilish woods of Allumiere”.  The project proposes to set in place a common strategy between the three agricultural cooperatives known as Università Agrarie, the participant Borough Councils and the Region of Lazio to obtain a series of concrete results:

  • Apply the best practice and most tailored actions to protect the species of fauna and flora and the habitats of Community Interest.
  • Reduce and eliminate where possible the threatening factors for each species and each habitat.
  • Increase the level of awareness of the local and tourist populations not only concerning the natural and landscape  value of each habitat, but but also as a valuable economic resource for community development where the exploitation and land use is implemented in a sustainable manner.
  • Favour the maintenance of traditional practices necessary to maintain the region’s characteristic ecosystems which derive from the semi-natural environments.
  • Diffuse the awareness of how traditional activities are not in conflict with conservation but on the contrary, facilitate its perpetuation.

Amongst the concrete actions to realise the general objectives of this project, we highlight the sustainable management of the mature forests of Allumiere, Manziana and Tolfa, which includes, for example, the reduction of pruning, the control of grazing, works that support the process of renewal of the woodlands; the management and the conservation of the grasslands, to avoid the excessive exploitation on one hand, and on the other hand to avoid the loss of these environments due to the intrusion of foreign shrubs; the opening of plant nurseries for future re-planting.

The restoration of particular sites to productivity (like the reclamation of the Manziana Solfatara and the restoration of the Mercareccia building in Canale Monterano).   The actions plans directed at the local people is particularly rich, both with regard to the communication, awareness, and environmental education plan, and also concerning the sustainable production in the territory.

Publications and informative materials are planned (fliers, brochures, posters, tourist maps and postcards), educational activities in schools, public events, the production of a documentary film and a website for the project.  For the correct and sustainable exploitation of the area, nature trails will be built, and boards erected displaying local information and educational material.   The availability of itineries and natural tourism information packs is envisaged along with the building of a seasonal information point at the port of Civitavecchia.

Guido Prola


SPA (Special Protection Area):  We will ensure the conservation of fifteen species of birds listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive by recuperating:

  • 330 hectares of semi-natural environment, important habitats for species of songbirds and trophic territories – habitats of raptors.
  • 140 hectares of forests, habitats of rare birds of prey.

SCI (Sites of Community Importance):  Concrete solutions will be adopted for the recuperation of three habitats of community interest, of which one is a priority.

Special Protection Area and Sites of Community Importance:  100,000 people will be reached by the project information and awareness campaign.

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